One way to improve your productivity at work

Here’s something I’ve been trying the last few months as a way to boost my productivity.

The way the brain and our bodies work is on for a period, off for a period, on, then off. We can’t normally go for 8 hours of continuous, productive work. We need breaks, stretches, things to take our minds of the project to, ironically, get us refocused.

So here’s what I’ve been doing

  • Pick a project that needs to get done (prioritize your list of projects first)
  • Get everything together for it, and then GO for 15 minutes. No emails, no phone calls, no interruptions (or, if not possible, I just try and keep the interruptions short)
  • During that 15 minutes FOCUS and WORK hard – get as much done as I can
  • Then, take a 5 minute break. Check email. Get up and “lead by walking around,” talk to someone, answer a question
  • Then, back at it for a solid, dedicated 15 minutes on that project.

This has allowed me to get more done on certain projects than working on them for the entire day. Sometimes, depending on the type of work, I can get more done in 10 minutes of focused work than I could in 4 hours of distracted work.

Give it a try! How did it work for you?


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