Windows shortcuts and hotkeys

Last time we explored some common shortcut keys. Click here to view that post to get caught up, then let’s explore some more useful shortcuts that can save us time and carpel tunnel!
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The mouse is a wonderful tool for getting around on the computer, but it is not always the most efficient tool at your disposal. Most of the time, if you can use the keyboard to a task you will save the time of grabbing the mouse and finding where to click.

General Windows hotkeys
To minimize all your windows and see the desktop = [Win] + [D] or [Win]+[M] (the [Win] key is the key with the windows icon on it generally next to the [Alt] key.)
To bring up your task manager = [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [Delete] or [Ctrl] + [Shift] + [Esc]
To shut down your computer = [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [Delete] **

When text is selected generally these will work on most programs but not all, because in some programs one or all of these short cuts may have different functionality.
Underline = [Ctrl] + [U]
Bold = [Ctrl] + [B]
Italics = [Ctrl] + [I]

Alternative Shortcuts
Another way to get around programs with the keyboard is using the [Alt] commands. You might notice on most menus there is an underlined letter in the name of the menu. That is the letter for the [Alt] command (ex. [Alt] + [F] will open the File menu). Once a menu is open you can generally just type the underlined letter to execute that command (ex. If the File menu is open just press [O] to open). This can be helpful if you take the time to memorize the letters to execute a command (ex. To open a file you could hold down [Alt] and type [F][O])

Shortcut Links
Here are some links to hotkey lists for a few common programs:

** Note: the [Insert] key and [Delete] key may be labeled [Ins] and [Del] on the keyboard respectively

Post in the comment section  your favorite shortcuts, or if you have a shortcut list you use for your favorite program!

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