Little known, easier and fast way to copy and paste in Windows using your mouse – without using Ctrl-C!

Copying and pasting is probably one of the most used functions we go through every day.

Since not everything can be automated (but what can, should be), we are on a constant hunt to find ways to make the routine easier.

One such way is copying and pasting with ease – using your mouse buttons!

If your hands are already on your mouse, this method can be much easier, and require less movement of your hands and wrists, to accomplish a quick copy/paste!

It works just like Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V, except hold down the WINDOWS Key, and click the Right mouse button to Copy, and the Left mouse button to Paste.

  • COPY: Windows+Right Mouse Button
  • PASTE: Windows+Left Mouse Button

May not work in some designer programs (like CorelDraw) but should function in most windows programs like your email and web browser.

Happy copying!

button to Paste.

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