Useful, wrist & time saving shortcuts – when browsing the web!

We all browse the web a lot (most of us 60% or more of our day!). Here are a few shortcuts that we find helpful and that I (Josiah) use every day. What do you use that I missed?

Ctrl+L – Jump to address bar
Ctrl+K – Jump to search bar (Ctrl+E for IE)
Ctrl+Tab – Switch open tabs
Ctrl+1,2,3,4…. – Go to tab number 1,2,3,4…
Ctrl+9 – Go to last tab
(also Ctrl+Page Down and Ctrl+Page Up navigate open tabs)
Backspace – go back
Alt+Left arrow – go back
Alt+Right arrow – go forward
Ctrl+F – Find text on a page

Happy productive surfing!

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