JetStream Automation was founded by Jason Tilley and Josiah Gallo. Working at a streamlined manufacturing and marketing company in Broomfield, Colorado where efficiency, business task automation and computer automation were key in saving the company money.Josiah and family

The company we worked at together is in a labor intensive and competitive market, with costs going up in almost every category we needed to find ways to cut costs. By automating computer workflow for the business, in every department (including customer service, order entry, production, inventory management, receiving, shipping, and others) we were able to save over $15,000 a year.

After years doing this, we decided it was time to offer our experience to others and help them be more productive. To show busy professionals ways to stop wasting time on all those monotonous computer tasks. Ultimately, to help you achieve your goals by improving your efficiency and productivity. We focus on problems we are intimately familiar with – and create solutions that other businesses can use.

Of course, we had tried the simple automation software out there – but it only made small, easy things a little less tedious. With Jason’s background in programming, he quickly learned we could automate even the complicated tasks – data entry from different types of databases and even from non database sources, setting up entire orders, entering complex settings on the laser engravers using smart programming, integrating different backend systems so they played well together.

Josiah’s relentless striving toward continuous improvement is the fuel that fires his continual education on how to use computers more efficiently – as a busy entrepreneur, every minute saved is a minute to spend growing the business.

Give us a call today for a no cost, no obligation consultation – we’ll show you the data, the facts, so you can decide for yourself how much you want to automate in your business and where you want to education yourself and your people on more productive ways to use your systems.

Core Values

  • Continuous Improvement
  • Excellence
  • Integrity

More about Jason

Jason has worked at LazerDesigns.com for the last 5 years, involved in computer work, artwork and a laser technician. He has a background in programming.
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More about Josiah

Josiah started LazerDesigns.com in 2001, and has been wearing many hats since then. Working at integrating systems (front office, production, shipping, etc) for a streamlined approach, gives him a full perspective on business operations and how various elements and processes work together. An entrepreneur, he has currently operates 3 businesses. View more at JosiahGallo.com
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