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Resources for Family Economics Conference, 2014

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 General Online Marketing Resources, Links and Info

Some resources for you to use in your general marketing efforts – many of these overlap into other areas (social media, for example).
Other resources/blogs I recommend subscribing to:
Web Marketing Today
Dr. Ralph Wilson has been helping people market their business online since 1995 – useful articles and videos on all things online marketing.
Do you know what makes people “tick” online? Derek knows, and he shares with all who sign up for his list!
Best selling author, speaker and marketing guru

Chris Brogan

Online marketing guru, social media expert
Check your name on social networks – get it before it’s gone!
Social Media
The growth social media has experienced in the last few years is incredible! Comscore says that 22% of time spent on the internet is social, and 24% more users on social networks vs. email.
Here are some great resources for raising your social media IQ and helping you lay a solid foundation.
General Social Marketing
Need inspiration for your social marketing efforts? Look no further!
Great resource for webinars, ebooks and blog posts. Also sells online marketing software for lead generation.
Trek Light Gear founder, Seth Haber, blog posts on social marketing – great summary and case study from a small business owner.
Building A Happy Community With Social Media
The business of social media
More than 750 million users, 50% of which log on to Facebook every day, (that means half your customers) and you should be on there too.
Where to start? Try these sites and guides
Mashable Guide to Facebook
Copybloggers Ultimate Guide to Facebook Marketing
Facebook 101 for Business: Your Complete Guide
Create a fan page:
Choose a vanity facebook URL once you have 25 fans:
Where to start with 140 characaters? Try these guides!
Beginner’s Quick Start Guide and Tutorial to Using Twitter
Twitter Marketing Guide
Mashable’s Google+: The Complete Guide, with overview, features, how-tos,
SEO (Search Engine Optimization) 
Googles SEO help sections
Seomoz Beginners Guide to SEO
neil patel –
Why start and use a newsletter?
It all comes down to your list! You can use your newsletter to stay in touch, send coupons, updates, new products, build connection and excitement, among other things. E-newsletters are affordable to send, instant, and when part of an overall strategy, helps maintain relationships with your customers.
Ready to start? Consider these services:
Powerful, feature rich, and a free plan! Good autoresponder options.
Great plans, integration into other services, good prices.
Feature rich, professional services. Powerful autoresponder options.
What better way to offer valuable, shareable content to your audience than through a blog? Also a great way to connect, build community and show people what you have to offer (aka, sell).
What to write about? I get a lot of my ideas from other blogs (especially in outside industries)
Alltop – Great listing of current blog posts around the net.
The Sales Lion
Daily Blog Tips
Hubspot – great content and a solid platform
Tips for Blogging for Startups – free guide, lots of great info in video and text form
Recommended WordPress Plugins
Once you have your blog setup, a great, easy way to enhance it is with plugins. Below are a list of a few functional plugins to get you started. Just search for them on your WordPress plugin page.
What Would Seth Godin Do
FD Feedburner Plugin
Google Analytics for WordPress
WordPress Related Posts
Fast Secure Contact Form
SI CAPTCHA Anti-Spam or
shareandfollowConvert feed to feedburner
Google Tools
Some solid tools to help you in creating your online marketing campaign. Want to learn more about how to use them strategically? Visit to sign up for the next Online Marketing Unleashed Seminar!
Google Analytics
Google Reader
Google Alerts
Google Webmaster Tools
Looking to get a little education from good ol’ printed pages? Check out these recommended books:
Making Ideas Stick
Inbound Marketing



Marketing Outline from previous classes:


Who is your perfect customer?
Define your USP
  • List the features and benefits that are unique about your product or service.
    • Research your competition – see what they list as their selling points, how do you stand out from them? What makes you unique?
  • What emotional need is being met by your product or service?
    • From your customers perspective
  • What aspects of your product or service can your competitors not imitate?
  • Create phrases about your unique product or service that are short, clear and concise.
    • Use words from previous steps
    • Is it easily understood by customers?
  • Answer the question everyone asks, “What’s in it for me?”
How to use and choose promotional items to acquire new customers
Choose an item that fits your business.
Make it useful for the intended recipients
Go for quality over quantity.
Spend some time on a good imprinted message. Included your website. Something that arouses curiosity
Personalize it with the recipients name
integrate promo item with online page/qr codes
Effective ways to stay in touch and on top of customers minds
Tips and ideas on using email for staying in touch
  • Email
  • Optify 2012 B2B Marketing Benchmark Report
  • Show gratitude
  • Congratulate on success/news mentions, use Google Alerts
  • Send ideas
  • Learn about them – become friends on facebook
  • Send gifts
  • Follow up emails
  • Promotional items vs. coupons
  • Automate what you can using constantcontact, mailchimp, aweber
Deliver a memorable experience that customers want to repeat.

Following up – be

  • consistent
  • creative
  • caring
Winning the customer back after it all goes wrong
Capitalizing on complaints
■■Two thirds of defectors leave, or are dissatisfied, not because of a superior competitive alternative, but
due to how they perceive you treated them.
 ■■It costs 5-6X more to win a new customer versus working to retain existing ones.


 Just imagine the potential financial and relational gains to be made by doing two simple things:
■■Getting more dissatisfied customers to actually tell us they’re unhappy with us.
■Quickly resolving their complaints to their satisfaction.
The Five A’s
 Acknowledge & Apologize
Award customer loyalty
 Remember, our customers are not dependent on us – we are dependent on them! Thank you for the food!
Generating worthy referrals
What fuels referrals?
The Ultimate Questions
3rd party reviews:
  • shopperapproved

example feedback form:

  • Leverage your traffic in referrals. This is a big one.
    • make it easy to share,,, getsocial,
    • also google +1 and other networks that Janet talked about
    • Problem is content has to be really good for people to share, which is possible but difficult. Ask to share in your content as well us using buttons.
    • Embed facebook comments (wordpress plugins, widgets)

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