Case Studies

How have we helped other companies?


Bio: Manufacturer and laser engraver, provides promotional products and personalized gifts to individuals, small businesses and big businesses.
- Need to improve accuracy in Customer Service, Order Taking, Production/Engraving and Shipping
- Need to improve productivity and cost savings measures to improve bottom line
- How to improve customers experience and reduce employees brain fatigue
- Customer service: Automate key customer correspondence
- Automate sending order confirmations
- Automate order entry from many sources: Website using Miva Merchant, emails, 3rd party partners, eBay, Amazon
- Setup and train on shortcuts in accounting program Mas 90 and best practices
- Production: Automate workflow of personalized order setup
- Using StreamSearch, file searches and indexing made simple
- Auto loading settings into laser machines for various jobs
- Establishing methods and Standard Operating Procedures for communications with customers (downline, upline and end customers)
- Establish SOP for error checking
Shipping: Automate shipping workflow as much as possible, with integration in Mas 90, UPS and Dazzle
- Create Shipping Workflow that improves capacity and accuracy
Results: Overall, saved LazerDesigns 1000 man hours each year and $15,000 annually by automating common tasks for entire company, including customer service, sales and production. Saw improvements in accuracy and freed up key team members to focus on more important business goals, instead of routine work. Customers are kept informed with tracking number updates, orders are imported into accounting program with ease, and workflow improvements continue.
Conclusion: LazerDesigns is now better able to serve their customers and fulfill orders with greater accuracy. The employees enjoy a lower stress work environment, which leads to higher retention and greater customer satisfaction. LazerDesigns has gained a significant competitive advantage.

 Bison Designs, LLC

Bio: manufacturing company in Longmont, focusing on innovative products and designs
Challenges: Needed to improve integration with their website and internal accounting program
- Improve efficiency and accuracy in shipping
- Improve customer experience by emailing them tracking numbers, and hosting results on their own web site
- With high volumes of shipments going out, need to improve efficiency in shipping
- Integrated web orders from drupal ecommerce cart, importing them into Mas 90
- Improvements in work flow of web orders with office staff
Shipping: Improved shipping processes & work flow
- Implemented bar codes and intelligent scripting in shipping environment
- Tracking numbers auto fill in outgoing invoices
Results: Boosted productivity by 20% and improved accuracy by importing web orders
- Improved workflow of web orders with office staff, saving time and energy
Shipping: Improved work flow in shipping, improved productivity by 15% to 20% and improved accuracy
Conclusion: Bison Designs now experiences more throughput in shipping and seamless import of web orders, enabling them to handle higher volume. They are now able to maintain their professional image and reach out to customers with a new touch point with seamless tracking number updates, hosted on their own site, using JetTrack


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