How to import orders from Drupal into Mas 90 or Mas 200

Do you host your ecommerce store with Drupal, and use Mas 90 or Mas 200 as your in house accounting program? (We also import into quickbooks)

We specialize in integrating these two services, enabling you to fulfill web orders quickly and accurately.

  • Custom web order export module, which exports orders from your drupal store
  • Custom web order import module, which can modify data if you need it to, check for conditions, such as
    • changing product codes on the fly depending on which attributes are selected
    • adjusting zip codes, addresses
    • for wholesale customers, check against list of accounts and assign customer numbers
    • Change order Status from New to HOLD with a Hold Reason depending on variables (such as order size, item ordered, etc)
    • Adjust Ship Date based on variables (such as quantity ordered or order size)
  • Visual Integrator Import Job to import customer files and web orders into Mas 90 or Mas 200 for fulfillment, picking, shipping and invoicing

Don’t enter another order by hand, contact us today to get started on this important next step for your business!

We also help companies improve their branding with completely self hosted tracking number updates, shipping workflow improvements and other data entry automation.

We also have experience importing orders from other web based store fronts, including web order imports from Miva Merchant into a variety of accounting programs.

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