JetText – scalable, affordable text insertion program customized for your business

JetStream has developed the ultimate time saver and productivity improver – JetText, a text inserter for any program.

Can be used to insert emails into Outlook, gmail, Thunderbird or any other program, or use it to paste in different signatures for different companies or form letters into your accounting program or Word.

What makes JetText unique, is it is SCALABLE (can be used on unlimited workstations and have unlimited text snippets), networkable (can be used on any computer in your network, or even out of the network), easy to maintain, update, add, delete the text snippets.

Pricing is $99 for the package. This includes setup if you need help getting it running. No install files needed, JetText is a stand alone, tiny program that takes up less than 4KB of ram.

We can also customize it for your environment – including integration with our Dashboard, shortcuts for your staff, branded with your logo, multiple windows, hotkeys for various snippets or any other function you would like built in.

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