Secure, Offsite Enterprise Level Managed Backup – Easy to setup, Easy to mantain – backed up the the cloud

Does your business have a reliable, tested and easy to administer backup and disaster recovery plan?

Think you can’t afford top of the line, managed offsite backup? Well, now you can!

  • Cost effective – No setup fees, no software costs, no additional employees needed to administer
  • Efficient – install and configure in minutes, no waiting for someone to recover data
  • Reliability – Automated daily backup provides comprehensive protection and zero hassle.
  • Less down time and reduced lost productivity – files can be recovered instantly
  • Backup work stations, laptops, file servers, network shares, tablets, mobile phones
  • Secure – Military grade security. Only secure socket connections are made to the offsite data center and data is encrypted

How would you recover from lightning striking your building, a flood, fire or hardware failure? What if all your accounting files were lost tonight?

JetStream Automation is proud to offer JetStream Backup – a fully managed backup and disaster recovery solution.

Why choose JetStream Offsite Backup?

  • Centralized protection of distributed data (backup entire network, workstations, server) into your own secure, offsite data vault.
  • A time saver – no more time spent swapping out tapes, keeping up to date with changes in work stations, managing multiple backup subscriptions. Free up IT resources spent on mundane backup jobs. JetStream Backup is a fully automated solution.
  • Fast – JetStream Backup is efficient, cost-effective. The software is streamlined and full featured.
  • User friendly – award winning software is easy to backup, restore and make changes from. No IT experience needed.
  • Shorter restore times. Perform incremental or full restores fast from local backup, saving time and money. Offsite restore from fast servers.
  • Lower backup costs compared to traditional tape-based backup
  • Better control of your backup budget – you control exactly how much data you want to store, and pay according to how valuable it is to you
  • Peace of mind that comes from knowing your data is always properly protected
  • Sophisticated scheduling capabilities that let you control how often and exactly when backups occur.
  • Compliance with industry legislation.
  • Military grade encryption – keep your sensitive data secure. Approved for medical and other sensitive data.
  • Support when you need it – we are here to aid in setting up back up jobs and in case of disaster recovery, to ensure you get up and running quickly. One less thing for you to worry about.


JetStream Offsite Backup Solution Tapes/Hard Drives Online Backup Services
Eliminates the requirement for more hardware, software  Yes  No  No
 Number of dedicated IT or backup personnel to run  0  1 to 3  0
 Emails backup logs to your inbox  Yes  No  No
 Saves you from having to rotate storage daily  Yes  No  Yes
 Makes life easier and backups simple, allowing you to run your business  Yes  No  No
 Automatically backups your data to a secure, off-site data vault, safe from fire, flood, theft, hardware failure or any other disaster  Yes  No  Perhaps
 Backs up with military grade security  Yes  No  No
 Available for fast, instant restore  Yes  No  No
 Disaster recovery support when you need it  Yes  No  No

We also offer a super fast Local Backup, saving copies of files onto another drive or network attached device for instant readiness in event of hardware on first machine failing. For the ultimate in easy restoring, we recommend both Local Backup and Offsite Backup.

Normally priced based on amount of data stored in your data vault. Which solution is best for you?

  • Do you run a network with multiple computers connected? Our enterprise level backup solution is for you – for 2 to 1000+ systems, you only pay for what you backup
  • Small business with just one system? Consider our Single System Solution, secure offsite storage for your documents for an affordable price of $9.95 per month

Contact us for a quote for your business today.

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