Helping executives, professionals and busy business leaders use theirs and their teams time more efficiently. Enjoy improved productivity and lower costs through computer task automation!

We help you automate any simple or complex routine computer tasks, using our extensive experience to ensure trouble free macros. Using generic automation software to automate your business processes is cumbersome and leaves much to be desired, missing key features that our experience, computer and automation knowledge can bring you.

Our expertise in workflow improvement and other business processes will free you up to focus on growing your business!

For Business Processes

  • Save huge amounts of time and money
  • Integrate various systems with minimal investment
  • Perform inventory checks
  • Accurately and quickly copy data from one application to another, saving time and labor costs for data entry
  • Remove the element of human error with fast data entry and formatting
  • Data entry – from flat files, databases, plain web pages, emails, or any other source.
  • Data entry – into any application, web form, flat file, database or any other source
  • “Scraping” info out of any source (webpages, emails, forms, flat files)
  • Web data extraction
  • Schedule your computer to perform system clean-up & system maintenance (spyware, disk cleaners, disk defragmentaters, internet clean up, auto shutdown/restart)
  • Automate business processes
  • Automate IT processes
  • Job scheduling
  • Batch data processing
  • Automate data transfer, data import/export
  • Replace batch files or integrate disparate scripts
  • Automate backup, file management
  • Automated software testing, Web testing
  • Excel Integration
  • Screen scraping
  • Launch files, videos, spreadsheets during a presentation for a professional, smooth transition between slideshow and external media
  • Our “Good Morning” Macros will help your morning start off right! With a keystroke, all your important applications open (open websites, programs, folders) ready for you to use – once you get back with your coffee, of course.
  • Advanced, custom file search with StreamSearch- search any network drive, local drive or other source in milliseconds. Completely customizable. A Fortune 500 feature, available to your small business!
    • Quickly index multiple drives, network drives or any location
    • Search results updated every minute (your choice)
    • Have multiple search results for different job duties, for instance, if you are a writer, you can create a search application that will only search your writing documents, and sort them by last modified, accessible with the tap of a key. Create another search application for your My Documents folder, and you can include any network drive in the search
    • Compared to other popular desktop search software programs, our tiny search application takes up only kilobytes of memory, and usage spikes are hardly noticeable.

For Individual Tasks

  • Login into your favorite website
  • Auto-login to your web mail
  • Automatically fill forms
  • Use it as auto-clicker
  • Use macros with online games
  • Automatically run your Spyware remover program every night
  • schedule any personal tasks

Computer tune up

  • Turn off unneeded services/autorun applications to speed up your computer
  • clean up wasted space using ccleaner, show customer how to use it
  • antivirus scan/malware scan
  • Analyze computer for processes that may be slowing/bogging it down

Basic and Advanced IT tasks performed as needed

We can automate any task in any software program you use every day, and we specialize in

  • Microsoft Office: Excel, Outlook
  • Firefox, Internet Explorer
  • CorelDraw
  • VB Script

We also have 8+ years experience with implementing improvements in a production/manufacturing environment, using various methods and conventions, giving us the experience to help you improve your overall business processes.

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