Laser Engraving, Trophy Shops, Print Shops and other Imprinters

Before starting JetStream, Jason and Josiah worked together at a laser engraving company (LazerDesigns) where we engraved stock items and customer supplied, custom items.

These 10+ years experience in the custom imprinting world, combined with our unquenchable hunger for continuous improvement and efficiency, has given birth to a suite of services and software solutions that can help any imprinting shop, trophy shop or manufacturer who provides customization on their products.

How can we help you improve your business?

  • Typically improve efficiency and productivity and order flow by 10% to 25% or more
  • Help implement lean processes and procedures
  • Speed up time spent on artwork with auto retrieval systems, auto setups, auto saving, auto opening
  • Automate sending of proofs/mockups and marking orders as “approved”
  • Auto setup of orders from any source – email, web page, excel, accounting program
  • Consulting at your place of business, from back office/front office improvements to complete re-engineering of your production flow and layout.

Get the CorelDraw macros used daily in our busy engraving shop, that helped us go from 250 orders a month to over 500, including Super Duplicate, Auto Center & Size, Color Select, Super Attribute Picker, Text Separator, Personalize/Serialize Pro, EZ Rotator and many more developed by laser engravers.

Use the template system the pros use! Our complete system brings together your setup files, templates, accounting program & order setup

  • No more looking for a setup file for each new order – your technician will be able to spend time on double checks and ensuring accuracy and excellence,, rather than monotonous copy/pasting
  • A robust, easy to use and scalable template system that auto opens the correct file and folder based on the item number or other identifier.

Designed for laser engravers by laser engravers, this feature rich custom search program will index your jobs, and integrate with your accounting/order entry program.

Next time you setup a typical order, time yourself. Call us with how long it took you, and we’ll give you an idea of how long it would take with automation, and you can compare the numbers for yourself.

Case Study, Personalized Lazer Designs:

Bio: Manufacturer and laser engraver, provides promotional products and personalized gifts to individuals, small businesses and large businesses.
- Need to improve accuracy in Customer Service, Order Taking, Production/Engraving and Shipping
- Need to improve productivity and cost savings measures to improve bottom line
- How to improve customers experience and reduce employees brain fatigue
- Customer service: Automate key customer correspondence
- Automate sending order confirmations
- Automate order entry from many sources: Website using Miva Merchant, emails, 3rd party partners, eBay, Amazon
- Setup and train on shortcuts in accounting program Mas 90 and best practices
- Production: Automate workflow of personalized order setup
- Using StreamSearch, file searches and indexing made simple
- Auto loading settings into laser machines for various jobs
- Establishing methods and Standard Operating Procedures for communications with customers (downline, upline and end customers)
- Establish SOP for error checking
Shipping: Automate shipping workflow as much as possible, with integration in Mas 90, UPS and Dazzle
- Create Shipping Workflow that improves capacity and accuracy

Results: Overall, saved LazerDesigns 1000 man hours each year and $15,000 annually by automating common tasks for entire company, including customer service, sales and production. Saw improvements in accuracy and freed up key team members to focus on more important business goals, instead of routine work. Customers are kept informed with tracking number updates, orders are imported into accounting program with ease, and workflow improvements continue.

Conclusion: LazerDesigns is now better able to serve their customers and fulfill orders with greater accuracy. The employees enjoy a lower stress work environment, which leads to higher retention and more productivity.
Note: JetStream founders work at Lazer Designs, and still make continuous improvements there

We’ve been in the engraving industry for over 10 years. We know what it takes to get the job done, and get it done right. More than that, we know how to get them done faster – sometimes, up to 50% faster.

While we can’t make your equipment run any faster, we can enable your team to achieve your numbers faster, with higher accuracy and with less “brain fatigue” from redundant busy work.

Our process involves gaining a solid understanding of your business processes and goals. Once we have that foundation, we look at your processes and make recommendations on how to improve both your technology (automation, integration, bar codes) and your manufacturing processes (lean, 5S, Just In Time, etc) for maximum productivity gain.

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