Shipping Workflow Improvement

How many packages do you ship a day?

Per week? Per month? Per year?

JetStream specializes in shipping work flow improvement, from packaging to invoicing

If we can save you 5% in your overall shipping time and costs, what would that do for your bottom line?

  • Process improvement – pulling, packing, packaging, shipping, invoicing
  • Upgrade to bar codes if not already using them for instant savings
  • Identify the most challenging aspects of your shipping employees job, and eliminate it with technology, freeing them up to improve the company through increased attention to detail and energy at the end of the day
  • JetTrack - Autofill your orders with tracking numbers from UPS, FedEx, Dazzle or any website. Email customers your own email, with your logo and engaging offers with the tracking number, and then host the tracking number page on your own website, complete with graphical map of package progress as it travels to destination (learn more about JetTrack)

We also have over 10 years experience in improving efficiency in other departments, including production and manufacturing, laser engraving and customer service/call centers.


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