Wholesale Order Forms

Do you need a wholesale order form that reflects your level of excellence, is functional and that makes data entry easy?

We can create this form for you, using a web based system or Excel workbooks.

We specialize in the outdoor industry, and can customize your form no matter how complicated your product line or what your data input needs are.

Gone are the unsightly PDF documents that get faxed or emailed in with difficult to decipher order details.

No more scanning the entire wholesale order form for the 2 items the customer ordered – and then entering them by hand into your accounting program.

With our years of experience in various wholesale industries, we can create a form that works for both you and your customers and your sales reps.

To get started, email us at info@jetstreamauto.com with a copy of your current order form, and include

  • What you’d like to see improved
  • If excel based, how many tabs do you want ideally?
  • Do you want to import orders instead of manually typing them in to your accounting program?

You can also call us at (720) 383-7538 for more info.

Give your sales reps something that not onlyworks,but makes their job easier!

Your order entry team will thank you, when they see how easy itcan be to quickly enter orders.

Contact us today, get it done before the next big show!

Looking for something web based? We can develop a stand alone system, or integrate it into your current online shopping system.


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