Why JetStream vs generic automation software?

Why choose JetStream to bring automation to your business processes?

We are more experienced than any software program – we bring years of experience with automating business workflow and processes in multiple parts of the business, and an understanding of how all those parts fit together.

We don’t just program your computer – we analyize the problem (problem being, you spend too much time on routine computer tasks when your time is money), take into consideration a multide of variables (complexity of tasks, software used, connectivieity between said software, brain fatigue from the sheer monotiny, workflow impact, estimated increase in efficiency, and many more).

With this information, we put together an automation strategy to best serve you – so you can be more successful and your team has more time, more energy to accomplish their goals.

Most office workers spend upwards of 6.5 hours a day on their computer – if you can automate just 10% of that (which we generally can), you would save 3.25 hours a week for that one person! Imagine how much productivity would go up when you automate your entire team.

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