StreamSearch – customized, in house enterprise level desktop search application or dashboard

An enterprise level, customizable and scalable desktop search application or dashboard – with a tiny resource footprint – improves productivity for an easy return on investment! Custom tailored to your environment, does much more than an out-of-the-box software package.

StreamSearch integrates with your accounting program, graphics program and other propriety software.

  • Can index any location – local hard drive, network attached device, any networked computer, laptop
  • Updated index is configurable, from live, every minute, every hour or daily
  • Perfect for design environments (job shops, graphic artists) – update a job on your system, and all your team can instantly find it with keyword search
  • Great for laser engraving shops, imprinting houses, printers, trophy shops, marketing agencies – all jobs are easily accessible from every team member any time of the day, quickly open saved artwork, proofs, mockups, bids, estimates, project folders and anything else related to job in question
  • Perfect utility for customer service reps, call centers or people handling order management – easily access all data you need from one Dashboard.
  • Advanced configuration allows integration into Mas 90/200, Quickbooks, Peachtree or your propriety in house software for quick access to customer files, open orders, job history and more
  • Dashboard can be used to launch or access websites or pull up information on websites, launch macros to do internet searches, run other automated scripts, macros or programs with or without advanced functions like logging in or conditional searches.
Custom Dashboard - Click to enlarge

Custom Dashboard, showing some standard features often included – Click to enlarge

Custom dashboard - click to enlarge

Custom dashboard showing file results window for file searches – click to enlarge

Custom Dashboard - click to enlarge

Custom Dashboard showing file results features – click to enlarge


StreamSearch defaults to a desktop search application – a powerful one, with fast indexing, fast searching. It doesn’t stop there: Index any drive or network location, every computer on your network. Quickly open files.

The best way to see how StreamSearch can help your company is for a demo – contact us today and we will show you how this powerful application can be built to power your group for more collaboration and innovation.

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