Feb 17

8 ways to use Outlook more efficiently and save hours a month

The average worker spends half their day on emails – that is huge when you consider that equals 70 hours month, 105 days a year – and if you are paid at $15/hour, that comes out to $12,600 a year, per worker!

No word on how much of that time is spent on personal email versus work email.

Email is one of the key areas we at JetStream focus on saving you time and improving productivity.

Here are 8 tips for boosting your productivity in Outlook. Which email program do you use and would like to see tips for?

  1. Use Rules – move common messages (newsletters, blog subscriptions, specials) you always move by hand or delete into other folders so they don’t clutter up your day. Read them when you have down time.
  2. Only use flags when necessary – ideally you want to take care of it as SOON as you read it.
  3. Did you know you can drag and drop an email on the calendar to turn it into an event?
  4. Create messages quickly by Pasting copied text inside your Outlook mail view – or by creating a shortcut on your desktop to a certain person.
  5. Use a Spam Blocker like Cloudmark to eliminate 90% of the junk (each time you have to look over an email and hit Delete, it takes time and mental energy)
  6. Use Signatures for all your common signatures – never type out an ending to an email more than once!
  7. Use QuickParts (in Outlook 2007+) for anything you ever have to type – instructions, FAQ’s, address, phone number, directions, common questions you ask… Easy to setup and use!
  8. Bonus tip – Use advanced macros and scripts to automate tips #4, 6 and 7! We can show you how, just send us an email.

Any other tips for outlook? What is your favorite time saving technique?